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Capital Raising Advisory:

Middle market companies frequently have unique financing requirements. Whether a company needs funds to facilitate organic growth or finance an acquisition, Odus has the skills to source the best combination of debt or equity capital to meet a client's needs. Odus focuses on sourcing capital and structuring credit facilities that advance a client's business and financial objectives. As our partners are having experience in sourcing hundreds of millions of dollars in both debt and equity, Odus is able to deliver the fund raising capabilities of a large investment bank with the tailored approach of a financial advisor.

ODUS predominantly work in the space of industrial, technology, real estate and infrastructure and engineering. It cherishes relationship with bankers across constitution such as nationalised, commercial and co-operatives also. Its seniors advisors have successfully closed many deals in capital raising through NBFCs too. Its Advisors long lasting relationship with private equity funds with varied investment philosophies has made them in better position to assess need or customise funding structure best suited to individual entity.