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Vishwanath Seshadri

Vish is a qualified Chartered Account and Cost Accountant with nearly 30 years experience in different sectors handling a variety of roles as briefly described below. He is considered as a start up specialist and has his strengths in the areas of strategy, business development, risk management and operations management. He is also involved as an independent director in a micro-finance company for the last 3 years.

Vish has worked as a Chief Risk Officer for Gammon Group, a leading construction cum infrastructure company for a period of over 2 years where he was involved in creating a risk culture and putting in processes in place for effective risk management of long gestation infrastructure projects.

His longest tenure has been in the financial services space for 17 years from the years 1993 to 2010 working in companies like ICICI Bank (12 years) and GE Money (3 years). During this period, he has been responsible for launching the retail assets business in ICICI Bank and has set up key functions like collections, fraud management, credit policy, underwriting, business intelligence which were critical to ensure high quality portfolio. He has also set up businesses like commercial vehicles finance, construction equipment finance, loans against securities etc. and achieved market leadership position in each line of business. He has also handled a variety of all India roles managing businesses like personal loans, loans against equipments, auto loans etc, He was responsible for managing back end operations for the entire retail assets of the bank. He has also set up and managed the SME credit risk function. He has also been closely associated with the roll out of the credit card and mortgage business across the country. With ODUS, he consults in the area of business development with a focus on B2B business in the BFSI segment.

In his early career he has worked for 5 years in the areas of statutory audit covering a variety of corporates during his article-ship training as well post qualification. He also cherishes a rich experience in the areas of general accounting, finance, planning, MIS etc. both in India as well as internationally.

Vish is an avid blogger and his blog (vishsesh.blogspot) is all about values that one needs to cultivate and practise to have a successful and happy life.