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It is one of the largest and major sectors in India and moderately growing globally. The manufacturing business in India is currently at the inflection point. Many Indian companies have aligned to global practices and have shifted from labour intensive models to automated technology based models. The government has been formulating investment friendly policies to catalyst its growth. This sector has multiple segments and is less fragmented at the top, where it requires high competencies, as compared to the lower end, where it is highly fragmented and dominated by smaller players, for e.g. unbranded auto-parts for the retail segment. The engineering as a subset of Industrial sector in India has been growing on the back of growth in the user industries and several new projects being undertaken in various core industries such as rail, power, chemicals, etc. Capacity creation in sectors such as energy, oil & gas, mining, automobiles, auto components, steel, refinery, consumer durables, etc., is driving growth of the engineering industry.

ODUS prefers the following sub-sectors:
       Construction Equipment
       Defence Equipment
       Automotive and Auto Ancillaries
       Capital Goods

Infrastructure & Real Estate
Indian economy to sustain its growth has to make significant investment in building and upgrading Infrastructure. To boost such investment government of India has moved towards the PPP model, which allows greater participation by private sector Players. This has been seconded by implementation of appropriate policy framework and several incentives and schemes. All this has given huge growth opportunity to the companies catering to this sector. India is the seventh largest country in the world by size and sixteen percent of the world population stays here. In last ten years India has emerged as an important business location and the economic growth has been supported by internal consumption and tertiary services. This has triggered urbanisation and along with favourable demographics created a demand for real estate, making India an attractive destination for investors.

ODUS prefers following sub-sectors:
       Oil & Gas
       Residential Real Estate

India has seen many successes in the IT Services / BPO sector over the last two decades due to the presence of a strong technical workforce. This has further augmented the ability of Indian startup companies to create new products and services and take them on the global map.

Significant changes in internet penetration, growth in e-commerce and digital media have led to creation of a new high growth market in areas like cloud computing, online, digital media and even software products.

ODUS prefers following sub-sectors:
       Commerce and Online Services
       IT Services, KPO and BPO
       Mobile Apps & VAS
       Payments Processing